*Burundi Kibonde Ruyaga AA- This African Gem is one of those special jewels only a few people know about. Once you discover it for the first time, you will wonder why you haven't heard of this bean before. It comes from a landlocked country, Burundi, which makes it very difficult to export and it is full of thick foliage which makes it hard to get anywhere in the country, including the Plantations. It has a smooth but heavy body in the beginning and displays a fine lemon acidity, hints of peach and fresh honey tea. The finish is a lovely sweet cinnamon roasted almonds.

*Kenya Chinga Micro-Lot- A Smooth, full bodied coffee with flavors of black cherries, vanilla, hints of nuttiness and a citric acidity. Those who prefer delicate flavors but a full body will love this coffee. Being a micro-lot bean, there are few orders available so get it while you can rather than taking the time to think about it.

*Kenya Nyeri Rukira AA- Clean, sweet and nicely tart. Classic black currant notes with some tropical fruit flavors. The delicate nuances of this coffee will present themselves at lighter roasts.

*Ethiopia Sidama Shilcho- A rating of 94! This is a customer favorite. Certified Organic and Fair Trade (as are all of our beans). This coffee has a fruity, floral toned acidity and is bright in the cup. It's a bit winey and intense with a rich heady aroma that is reminiscent of blackberries. Bold with an edgy complexity that includes notes of vanilla and tea-like notes and has a lingering finish.

*Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Blue Nile- Grown in the Gedeo, Yirgacheffe district, this is an EP Grade 1 coffee. EP means that all of the beans are sorted by hand to make sure every bean is of greatest quality which includes making sure their screen (appearance and size) is the same for all of the beans. This is an Ethiopian Heirloom Varietal. Yirgacheffe is a very popular Ethiopian district to grow beans in and this one is sweetly tart, complex with tangerine and raspberry tones and a hint of hazelnut. Roasted Light is best for this bean.

*Rwanda Intore- Each year Rwanda Trading Company creates a blend of the top coffees from the best cupping Washing Stations, most of which has won awards such as Cup Of Excellence. Intore means "the chosen one." This is a unique Rwandan coffee bean as it isn't as spicy as most Rwandan coffees. The Aroma is Malt and caramel. Sweet citrus, round full body with graham cracker tones and a slight earthiness. A bright acidity of tangerine & oranges. Quite a unique cup.

*Tanzania Peaberry- A Peaberry is a fairly new bean that is used as it's own variety of beans. In most coffee cherries, there are two beans inside both of which have a round side and a flat side. However, in very rare cases a cherry will contain only one coffee bean that is a full oval shaped bean. It's completely round and very small. Originally farmers would discard them until one farmer deciding to collect enough of them to roast a batch and he found the flavors to be much more condensed with distinct flavor profiles. So now, farmers are thrilled when they come across these rare beans which they set aside rather than throw away. This particular peaberry is a very clean cup and chocolaty at any roast level. When taken to Full city or higher roasting point, it develops a lot of interesting character. Brighter aspect of this cup adds a lot of sweetness, a hint of lemongrass, and a darker cherry note. All nicely balanced with a spicy chocolate undertone. A must try!

*Yemen Matari Mocha
Genuine Mocha coffee only comes from Yemen; a small port on the Red Sea of Yemen's west coast (located on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula) known as Al-Makha or Al-Mocha or Al-Mokka or simply, Mocha.
Yemen Mocha is among the world's most unique coffees. It is also known as having some of the best  coffee in the world. Due to the harsh condition and rugged terrain it's very difficult to find areas in which quality coffee can be grown. Luckily, we found a few of those plantations and we chose this one after a few different cuppings. Just getting to the mountains where the coffee grows is near impossible with the insurmountable "roads," if you can call them that. So, exporting the coffee is very difficult.
Flavor Observations
The full, complex body, spice, and chocolate undertones are what set this Yemen Matari apart. Yemen Mocha is well known as the vin of coffee. It may remind you of African and Ethiopian coffees, except that it contains hints of cinnamon and cardamom, and a bit of earthiness 

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All bags come with 8.8oz of beans. You may request your coffee be ground at checkout if you wish.

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