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*Bali Inten Dwato- This is one coffee that even professional cuppers have difficulty describing. It's certainly exotic. Needless to say, this is a complex cup. The Indonesian character that  is present in most Bali beans is not so much in this bean. Though there is some earthiness this has more body than Sumatra, for example. The wild untamed peach and apricot notes are evident in the fragrance. The flavor shows off fruits such as raspberry with sweet brandy. One cupper called it a "jelly roll." due to the sweetness and fruitiness. Many of the other cupper were at a loss for words due to the unusual flavors and aromas that are not comparable to any other coffee they've cupped or drank for leisure.

*India Monsoon Malabar- After the grading process takes place for these beans they're transported to Mangalore where the "monsooning" is carried out. This process separates this bean from any other bean's processing. The beans are spread inside warehouses that have good aeration, ventilation and has open access to the weather outside during the monsoon months so that they absorb the moisture of the storms slowly. Eventually they bloat in size and they have to be periodically bulked, bagged and stacked to ensure proper and uniform monsooning. If beans were all just left there for the 3 storm months without being checked on for size and roundness, they'd be all different sizes and color by the end of the process so it takes careful and tedious attention in order to get beans that all look alike. The flavor is quite unusual. There's certainly an earthiness in the cup due to the storms. It's full bodied and quite a creamy cup; soft fruit tones, chocolate and caramel. 

 *Indonesia Robusta- This bold and strong bean naturally contains more caffeine than the average Arabica bean, which is what all of our other beans are. So, if you feel you need an extra boost this is the coffee for you. It's stronger and more robust than most beans so it's usually roasted a little darker than most, however, we will roast it to your desired level. It has a slightly earthy, nutty flavor with a slight smokiness and a full body that goes well with some cream or milk to cut the acidity.

Papua New Guinea- The albizza beans which these grow on are what give these beans their unique flavor. Grown at an excess of 5,000 feet, this PNG coffee can be found in the Western Highlands region of Oceana. With a fragrance of papaya and mango, this Indonesian coffee has a sweet but low acidity with a mild-medium body of complex flavors and subtleties that create a delicate smoothness to each cup. Known to have flavors of molasses, tangy grapefruit, and hazelnut, this coffee from Papua New Guinea is exotic and flavorful.

*Sumatra Mandheling- Certified Organic. The first notable flavor in Sumatra is earthiness along with a nutty flavor and smooth but full body on the palate. There's a slight smokiness along with dried fig that seeps through the flavor as well.

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