Monthly Blends (10% of proceeds go to Veteran Charity "Project Hero")

Monthly Blends (10% of proceeds go to Veteran Charity "Project Hero")

Each month we come out with a special blend of beans that compliment each other and make up the perfect Specialty Blend. Company President, Ellen Muth, is and has been a big supporter of veterans' charities and volunteering at the VA and Walter Military Hospital. We've created this category to use 10% of it's proceeds to go to a charity geared toward Veterans and/or active service men and women. We are currently donating to Project Hero, geared toward helping Veterans integrate back into society whether they are dealing with PTSD, physical disabilities or just coming back from deployment. 

All of our blends consist of a specialty single origin coffee beans which we combine to create the perfect concoction of flavors. Whenever an order for a blend of the Month is placed, you may request an autographed photo from Dead Like Me actress and owner of this company, Ellen Muth. If you need your beans ground please add a note at checkout and we will grind them at no extra cost. NOTE: In order to receive a free autographed 8"X10" photo by Ellen Muth, you must request it when you checkout in the "Notes" section. Please be sure to specify to whom you want the photo personalized if it's someone other than to whom the beans are addressed.

HERO: Our newest blend, made in time for Veteran's Day and named after the Veteran organization Project Hero, is very special as the proceeds will help such an important cause. This blend consists of a rare and hard to find bean, Mexican Oaxaca Geisha, which has earthy, sweet, dark and milk chocolate notes and exotic flavor with subtle floral and fresh coconut notes added with a heartiness. It has a low acid content. To make this an extra special cup of Gold, we've added a Cup Of Excellence award winning coffee from Brazil, first place winner, Sitio baixadao. It's creamy body melts well with it's layers of dark chocolate, Brazilian nuts and sweet but acidic meyer lemon. The complexity of these beans makes for a truly special experience.

LTEE: This Blend is a very, RARE Special and All American Roast. 10% of the sales from this coffee go to a special charity which helps Veterans, Project Hero. This blend is a beautiful combination of 100% Prime KONA beans from the mountains of Kona, Hawaii and MAUI KA'ANPALI beans. KONA beans are best when grown near Volcanos because the soil is extra rich the small of amount of ash which comes from the volcanos mixes with the soil giving the beans an extra rich flavor. Along with the Kona, we've mixed Maui Mokka beans which are also from Hawaii. Both of these beans are extremely special and rare to find so by doing a 50/50 blend of the two we knew we'd come up with something very special and we did. It's roasted to medium and the outcome was a rich and bold cup of chocolate notes, sweetness, a comforting creaminess and light notes of caramel. The Maui does add hints of walnut which is a lovely way to cut some of the sweetness. We found this to be a perfectly balanced cup of All American delectable coffee.

REAPER ROAST: As an homage to the Dead Like Me fans out there, I decided I had to come up with a specialty blend called, "Reaper Roast." This was the first blend I put in this category and when I took it off I received numerous requests to bring it back so here it is! It's a blend of unique but super tasty Mexican coffee beans, Colombian and a small amount of Brazilian to bring out the creaminess. Blended together, it comes together nicely with sweet caramel, Mexican chocolate, a mild spicy acidity, creamy milk chocolate and a smooth hazelnut flavor to balance it out. It's a lovely blend that gives you that kick you need to wake up in the morning or, if ground extra fine, makes a very nice espresso as well. Join the Reaper madness!

MR. JOHNSON: As the person who's tried almost all of our beans, I think he deserves a blend named after him and made up of the beans he most admired. Like myself, he has a love for the Geisha bean. So we put the Guatemala Acatenango Geisha bean together with the Ethiopian bean. The creaminess of the Geisha bean mixed with the dominant fruitiness of the Ethiopian bean makes for a great combination. Geisha beans are known for their slightly floral and fruity hints as well but we've found this particular Geisha bean to have more of a creamy chocolate flavor with a round body. This is quite an exotic and wonderful blend that must be tasted.


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