*Colombia La Rochele GEISHA- There are no words to describe the beauty that the GEISHA cultivar brings to the palate. For a GEISHA, which tend to be delicate, this bean is somewhat bold. It's still complex with a good amount of acidity, oranges and limeade. Floral undertones go nicely with the citrus that greets the tongue at first sip. Some may not pick up on this, but there is a slight hint of bittersweet chocolate that becomes more noticeable once the cup cools slightly. All in all it's not a typical Panama GEISHA but it is from Columbia so who said it should be? It's a coffee to wake up with. I've never met a GEISHA bean I didn't like.

*Costa Rica La Candelaria GEISHA- This is my personal favorite coffee (apart from Panama's La Esmeralda GEISHA 1500). This is what a GEISHA should be. Your taste buds are first met with sweetness which turns to sparkling acidity and bright citrusy floral tones. The moments I truly melted was when the creamy super buttery taste and body took over. I couldn't  imagine a more perfect cup. When I am blown away by something it's hard to put into words what makes it so special. The best way to understand is to try it yourself. However, This is a more delicate brew so if you like very dark, full bodied, smoky coffees only then this is not the coffee for you.

*Ethiopia Bench Maji Gesha- If you're wondering if I forgot an "I" in the word Gesha, I didn't. Gesha and GEISHA are the exact same sub-species but the name changed when it was sent from the town of Gesha, Ethiopia, which is where is originated, to Costa rica for an experiment. Once Panama got hold of it they changed the name to GEISHA. It was Panama that discovered the amazing nuances GEISHA had to offer when grown and tended to properly. La Esmeralda 1500 GEISHA is the coffee bean that made it famous. As far as we know, there is currently only one farm in Ethiopia that grows Gesha still and we just so happened to get our hands on some of what they produce. It has lush sweetness, clean, sparkling notes along with berry, mango and peach. The finish is an intense orange juiciness.

 *Guatemala Acatenango GEISHA- This GEISHA has sure made a lot of noise in the coffee community and with coffee enthusiasts. It's won numerous awards, two of which came from the SCAA. They gave it 1st place for quality. They also awarded it with "World's Best Tasting RFA coffee." It was given a rating of 96 points! While this GEISHA certainly has the flavors to prove it's pedigree and GEISHA species, it also doesn't let you forget that it comes from Guatemala by adding just a hint of milk chocolate and is a tiny bit more bold than GEISHAs grown in Panama and Costa Rica. The sparkling acidity is still there along with that lovely buttery taste and smoothness. It also has undertones of floral, jasmine, blossom, and tea. There are some sweet fruits such as orange, fresh tropical fruits and a clean honey sweetness. This has been very hard to get hold of due to high demand but we lucked out and found a vendor who had just gotten this harvest in a week beforehand.

*Hawaiian Maui Mokka Estate- With the Volcano and mountains, Hawaii is the perfect place to harvest some of the greatest coffees in the world. This is a unique Hawaiian coffee. It's grown in the west Maui Highlands. This Estate grows the 4 best Arabica types from field trials: Maui Mokka, Yellow Caturra, Red Catuai and Typica. This cup brings a fine aroma and a clean, sweet cup that's mellow and low in acidity. At every roast level Maui offers great consistency. This cup is rich,  with body, a slight chocolate tone and a subtle spicy character.

*Kona Prime- Ooh lovely Kona. If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you've been missing. Real single origin Kona beans are quite expensive even at wholesale. For this reason many companies create Kona blends since most people wouldn't know the difference and the company saves a massive amount of money and can charge 1/3  the price of real single origin Kona. Blends, by law, only have to contain 5-10% of the type of bean they name the blend and the other 90-95% is filled with cheap robusta and/or commercial bean fillers that would never make the cut for specialty grade coffee. So if you're drinking a Kona blend, you are only drinking about 7% Kona and you don't know what you could be drinking which is pure single origin Kona Prime. Grown in the very high mountains of Kona, HI this coffee is full of flavor. It has a lovely medium body with chocolate and sweet caramel. The acidity is quite low but there is just enough to cut the thickness of the rich flavors. It's a pleasantly smooth cup with a sweet butter ending. The grading of Kona is different from that of any other bean. This is a Prime Kona. It never disappoints

 *Mexican Geisha- This is a very rare gem that we were surprised to discover. As Mexico grows more sophisticated when it comes to it's coffee plantations, it delivers more amazing beans so when we discovered this first Geisha bean from Mexico we were intrigued and very happy with the results. As most Geisha beans are very delicate floral and fruity in flavor and aroma, this Geisha is more sturdy with notes of dark and milky chocolate. It has a thick round body with plenty of creaminess. This is sure to entice your entire palate. A must try! 

*Panama Elida Estate Reserve- Elida Estate is located in the Volcan Baru National Park near Boquete, which is famous for farms that produce GEISHA varietals. Elida Estate Reserve beans are of the species GEISHA and Catuai. It won 2nd Place in the Traditional Category at 2015's Best Of Panama Competition. First impressions of Elida are a delicate, floral aroma. In the cup, it's very bright with piquant acidity and fruity, melon-like sweetness and hints of chocolate and berries. It has a medium body with a long, very smooth finish. This is an extraordinary cup.

 *Panama Finca La Milagrosa- Translated into English this is called, "The Miracle." These beans are an interesting species combination of Gesha and Typica. This coffee placed in Best Of Panama winning group. The farm is in the Boquete zone and grown at 5400ft which is an amazing elevation to grow coffee beans. They are very bright, elegant and succulent. A clean, balanced coffee with apple-like tartness. The Typica certainly shows it's colors in bean. Pleasantly sweet with hints of lemon citrus and a long, lingering finish.

 *Panama La Berlina  Estate Organic- The farmer of this coffee is Casa Ruiz who has a long history in Boquete and Pinio Ruiz is the current President of Panama's Specialty Coffee Coffee Association SCAP. This coffee has consistently placed high in competitions and has a huge following in Australia and Asia. It is frequently in the top tier of "Best Of Panama" competitions. This is a true quality cup. It starts off a little dry, cleanly opening up and revealing a lemon acidity and an array of flavor which further improves as it cools. The creaminess is not overbearing but just enough to create a smooth consistancy. There are ever so slight scents of floral that don't overpower the lemon citrus. This is a very fine cup with a mild finish. 

*Panama La Esmeralda GEISHA 1500- Named by the SCAA, "World's Best Coffee" this Queen of all GEISHAs put the varietal and Panama on the map when it comes to coffee. This is the bean that made GEISHA famous and it's easy to see why once you taste it. It has too many awards to count and is the world's most expensive coffee to sell at auction. Competition is high for the lots on which this coffee grows. Overall, this is by far our most beloved coffee bean. It's beautiful taste is undeniable. Like many GEISHAs, it exhibits lovely jasmine, floral and lemony tones followed by that awesome buttery taste and smooth, creamy body. It's delicate as long as it's roasted light to medium/light. Roasted above that and you lose the florals but gain more buttery creaminess. Generously filled with luscious fruit and very light candy flavors. Soft, refined and light chocolate sneaks through toward the end of the sip. This coffee has an amazing pedigree which, once tasted, needs no explanation; A true Gift.

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