The Americas

The Americas



 *Bolivia Organic Martin Hilari - These beans come from Amor De Dios region. The farm elevation is roughly 5,000 feet. This farm has won awards at the Cup Of Excellence but has yet to enter this bean into the competition. It's flavors and aromas are sweet, slightly spicy, full to heavy bodied, mild acidity, a touch of bakers chocolate and has great balance. This is a particularly nice lot from which the beans came.

 *Brazil Fazenda Helena - This naturally processed coffee has a wonderful round body, sweet acidity and clean aftertaste. With a bit of nuttiness and milk chocolate taste, this coffee works well as a dessert or morning coffee. Like many Brazilian coffees, this one is particularly great as a single origin espresso and it creates a lot of crema. You may ask for us to grind this for espresso if you wish.

 *Brazil Sao Francisco Estate Moka Peaberry- The unusual Peaberry bean is a small fully round bean that occasionally comes from the coffee cherry. Usually the fruit bares two beans each with a flat side and a round side. However, the Peaberry is just one whole bean that is a tiny and round. These beans are known to have more condensed and fuller flavors. This tiny bean is rich, clean, chocolaty with a spicy acidity accompanied with a little floral note. It has a creamy full body that will fulfill your coffee desires. If you haven't tried the Peaberry bean before this is great one to start with.

 *Colombia Huila Supremo- Colombia continues to turn out some of the world's best coffees and this Supremo is no exception. The aroma of this coffee is very pleasant' sweet with a little spice floral tone. It is pretty classically toned for a Colombian; semi-dry toasted walnut overtone turning a bit more molasses/caramelly when roasted to darker points. Of course, no Colombian would be complete without that lovely bittersweet chocolate note. It's very well balanced  with subtle spice, clean and rich with a nice new crop crisp acidity.

 *Costa Rica San Francisco 1900 Tarrazu Micro-lot- The owners of the Bella Vista Tarrazu farm won 1st place in the 2009 Cup Of Excellence Competition. They continue to turn out quality beans each year. With Tarrazu's mountainous terrain this lot is grown at 1900 meters (6250 ft). Higher elevations are known to grow beans with much more flavor. Any Reserve beans you drink have been grown at high elevations. This wonderful coffee has a nice clean, bright and sophisticated style.  This is a classic Tarrazu with orange, lemon complexity. Lavender background notes and structured, lively acidity. Long and lovely aftertaste. Classy coffee.

 *Decaf Guatemala - Swiss water decaffeinated Guatemala Reserve Roast. Just as flavorful as our regular Guatemala but without the caffeine. Most decaf coffees suffer from an unpleasant bitter or burnt flavor but this swiss water decaf process naturally removes the caffeine without removing any of the lovely natural flavors in the beans. A very rare find in the decaf department.

 *El Salvador Cerro Los Ranas- Complexly structured: quite sweet with a tart and bitterish balance. Honey, tangerine, dark chocolate, hints of flowers and apricot in aroma and small cup. Full, buttery mouthfeel. The short finish is sweet and gently flavor saturated; the long turns richly drying. Pronounced presence in milk: fat-bodied, chocolaty, with a hint of flowers. 

 *Guatemala SHB La Pastoria- While cupping this Guatemala we were pleasantly surprise by the difference from we noticed from most Guatemalan coffees. Most are roasted from Medium to dark and the 1st cupping we tried was light, which would usually taste grassy and hay-like with other Guatemalans but this one was amazingly pleasant. It had a pronounced acidity with a lovely range of wine notes. However, we did still prefer the darker roast where it developed caramel, chocolate and subtle notes of lemon citrus. Having been grown at a high altitude, as all of our coffees are, they are durable and can be roasted to light or dark. All specialty grade coffees are grown at high altitudes.

 *Mexico Organic Terruno Nayarita Reserve- Up until a few years ago many people didn't think much of Mexican coffee beans. Recently a committed group of 260 cooperative coffee farmers started working together to produce arguably the best coffee in Mexico. This coffee comes from Terruno Nayarita heirloom trees. These farmers take great pride in their coffee beans and it show in their coffee cuppings. This crop was used and won single origin espresso in the Mexican barista Championship. This is the top screen size/grade from the Terruno Coop. This is similar in character to island coffees. A very cool and unique Mexican coffee with a fuller body than usual, good sweetness and a bit of a floral caramel note. Smooth with a bit lower acidity than most Mexican beans which tends to make it shine at a fuller roast level which is also where the Mexican chocolate makes it's arrival.

 *Nicaragua Prime Grade 1- This is a smooth, medium bodied cup with a silky texture. The mixture of smokiness, sweetness, a hint of chocolate and floral tones in the aroma lures you in. There are a lot of great flavors going on in this cup and when you take your first sip you're going to want to take a moment to take it all in. The cup starts with a little smokiness, nuts, and a caramel sweetness. The middle has just enough grapefruit tones to wake up your taste buds and finishes with dark chocolate that lingers on your tongue. A great morning cup!

 *Panama Finca Lerida- Panama has become famous for it's quality coffees and amazing varietals. Both the Best of Panama competition and Cup Of Excellence has drawn out some of the most amazing coffees in the world. This Finca is no exception. It took 6th place in 2012 at the Best OF Panama and 3rd place in 2013 at the Best of Panama in the Traditional category with a whopping 91 points from coffee review. The improve their crops every years. One of our favorite things about coffees from Panama is the Buttery texture and, sometimes buttery flavor. This delicate, lightly floral aromatic coffee lends flavors of orange citrus, maple and soft butter. The textures is a creamy butter and softly earthy with chocolate-orange mouth feel. Very well balanced. As it cools the flavors expand showing more citrusy, bright notes and its high grown pedigree. Be sure to view our other remarkable Panama beans in the Rare/exotics category.

 *Peru Amazonas Organic- Peru is the world's leading producer of organic coffee beans. Though they tend to have trouble exporting their beans, this particular lot comes from the Aprocoyce cooperative in the Amazonas. This particular group of farmers' main goal has been to improve the overall quality of the processing of their beans, as they've done with this lot. With it's medium body, slightly sweet and mild acidity, these beans are what all of Peru should be able to bare. It has a clean and well structured body. Ripe berry, grape, tropical flavors.

 *Puerto Rico - This very rare but cherished coffee is a limited edition of ours. We are extremely proud to be able to offer this coffee straight from the plantation. We have a limited quantity available which will be here on March 1st so it's best to pre-order before we sell out. This bean is  Well-balanced with soft acidity and a delicate, nutty flavor, this medium roast coffee is to be savored and celebrated, much like the "island of enchantment" itself. Brought to the isle by Spanish explorers in 1736, these legendary coffee beans directly descend from trees in the groves of King Louis XIV of France. Available only in its origin country and exclusively in the US. Great as a regular drip coffee or espresso! 

 Many of our coffees from The Americas are listed under Rare/Exotic due to the type of bean the are, i.e. cultivars such as GEISHA beans or the extremely sought after Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain beans along with many more! You will also find more coffee from the Americas under the Cup Of Excellence category such as Guatemala, El Salvador, etc.


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