Zippy Espresso

Zippy Espresso

Espresso is a roast point that is beyond dark. Some people also use French and Italian roast for their espresso. Once beans are ready to be used for espresso the grind should be extra fine. You should only grind the amount of beans you are going to use at that time. Ground coffee only stays fresh for 2-3 days. Once a vacuum sealed bag has been opened, whole beans stay fresh for about 2 weeks.

Muth Rosten Haus Espresso- A blend of Brazilian Cerro beans which give a nice crema on top along with a thick creamy texture, Columbian Excelso beans which add a chocolaty and slight acidic break from the richness. A great after dinner espresso.

Mini Peaberry Espresso- A rare Brazilian Peaberry, which is a small round whole bean as opposed to two half beans each with one flat side and one round side, is used in this espresso for it's super condensed flavor full of creamy, sweetness with a bit of nuttiness. Added to this Brazilian Peaberry is the Tanzania Peaberry which is the same species of bean but different flavors. The Tanzania adds fruitiness, acidity along with dark chocolate. Don't under estimate these beans because of their size!

MBC Espresso- Due to it's bold Mexican chocolate tone, we though Mexican beans would be a great addition to this espresso. Known for it's wonderful crema, Brazil beans are almost always used in espresso and it goes well with the Mexican beans because it adds hazelnuts, and sweetness. Lastly, we've added Columbian which gives that great acidity to cut through some of the rich and thickness in this cup. It also adds a new dimension of chocolate which we don't mind. In fact, we really like it! 

Geisha Crema - This is one very special espresso we discovered accidentally. We decided to experiment with a Geisha blend and put Columbian Geisha with Mexican Geisha. While roasting, we found that together the roast dark very quickly so we ended up with an espresso blend as opposed to a drip blend. As we decided to use the French press we found that the amount of crema that immediately developed while pouring 190 degree water over the grounds was astoundingly thick and beautiful. Though we wouldn't normally put espresso beans through a French press, we were happy to have discovered this because once we used the espresso machine the crema was even more bountiful. The flavors are a contrast of dark and milk chocolate with a creamy and thick round body. This is truly an espresso Gem.


$ 9.99